In the summer of 2012, the use of the library by the ankle injury, salary cap for the $ 58.04 million opportunity, the Warriors to 4 years 44 million US dollars to renew the library, and now look at the This is simply a contract for migrant workers, but it is for the future operation of the Warriors laid a good foundation. Including the 2014 Warriors Renew God, when the salary cap for the $ 63.06 million, the Warriors with 4 years 70 million US dollars will get Thompson's renewal (although the operation was questioned). Thompson admitted that the offensive ability of Owen can enter the league's strongest discussion of the list Jake Buchanan Jersey, with Russell - Weissbrook, James - Harden, Stephen - Curry breaking off the wrist. Thompson said: "He has done at a critical moment, so you have to give him recognition, I not only see him in the NBA arena to do, in the US men's basketball team to do when he met Kyle Schwarber Jersey. Owen too hard to prevent, we For his already defensive plan, this battle will be very interesting. Las Vegas gambling company "SuperBook" out of the 2017-18 season win odds Jason Heyward Jersey, the Warriors to 8 to lose 5 odds ranked first, Knight to 2 to lose 5 odds ranked second Mike Montgomery Jersey, the Spurs to 1 pay 10 Of the odds ranked third, the Rockets, Wizards and the Clippers to pay 30 odds tied for fifth place.