In 2010, the summer warriors renewed Green, when the salary cap has begun to increase, 70 million US dollars a record high Miguel Montero Jersey, but with the current than not Guards, Warriors 5 million $ 82 million contract Green. To know, 2016-17 season salary cap will soar to 94 million US dollars, then it will be broken billion, into the library now, Thompson, Green will certainly be a billion large contract, the warrior in the salary cap before the contract Thompson, Green, how to look are value. The result is that in the summer of 2016, due to Thompson, Green and Curry up to only 43 million US dollars of space, the warrior in the salary cap soaring time to operate a little enough to open enough space to directly sign Durant Jose Rosario Jersey, and also. Warriors on the three-pointers obsession Alec Mills Jersey, mainly players personal. Curry and Thompson have a "water brother", said during the regular season of the season, the two of them three-point shot ranked second in the league Billy Williams Jersey. As James said in December last year: "They have two greatest divisions in history.