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Green's upper position is also inseparable from luck

Le 31 May 2017, 07:21 dans Humeurs 0

Green's upper position is also inseparable from luck, then David - Lee is the first high salary of the Warriors, starting power forward, Green is just a substitute. Who did not expect, 2014-15 season before the start of Lee suddenly injured Albert Almora Jersey, Green was pushed to the starting position, his performance is very good Jason Heyward Jersey, enhance the team's mobility, defensive ability. After Lee's healing, Cole insisted that Green start, the Warriors starting with a more balanced between the bench, but also gave birth to the death of five small birth. Next, Thompson not only to improve the shooting, but also in the defensive end of the defensive Irving, Eastern Conference Owen averaged 25.8 points under the H, shooting as high as 62.2%, of which the fourth and fifth Owen averaged 33 Points, shooting 64.9%. Many players can cast three points, but this is the only thing they can do, "Brown said," a lot of players can dribble break in the basket to end the attack Duane Underwood Jersey, but this is the only thing they can do. There is a player to catch the ball to vote three points, dribbling vote three points, dry pull in the cast, throwing John Lackey Jersey, attack the basket, in the seven feet long chase in the basket, that is, Owen, which is why he is the history of a single Pick one of the best players.

In the summer of 2012

Le 31 May 2017, 07:20 dans Humeurs 0

In the summer of 2012, the use of the library by the ankle injury, salary cap for the $ 58.04 million opportunity, the Warriors to 4 years 44 million US dollars to renew the library, and now look at the This is simply a contract for migrant workers, but it is for the future operation of the Warriors laid a good foundation. Including the 2014 Warriors Renew God, when the salary cap for the $ 63.06 million, the Warriors with 4 years 70 million US dollars will get Thompson's renewal (although the operation was questioned). Thompson admitted that the offensive ability of Owen can enter the league's strongest discussion of the list Jake Buchanan Jersey, with Russell - Weissbrook, James - Harden, Stephen - Curry breaking off the wrist. Thompson said: "He has done at a critical moment, so you have to give him recognition, I not only see him in the NBA arena to do, in the US men's basketball team to do when he met Kyle Schwarber Jersey. Owen too hard to prevent, we For his already defensive plan, this battle will be very interesting. Las Vegas gambling company "SuperBook" out of the 2017-18 season win odds Jason Heyward Jersey, the Warriors to 8 to lose 5 odds ranked first, Knight to 2 to lose 5 odds ranked second Mike Montgomery Jersey, the Spurs to 1 pay 10 Of the odds ranked third, the Rockets, Wizards and the Clippers to pay 30 odds tied for fifth place.

Time back to two years ago

Le 31 May 2017, 07:20 dans Humeurs 0

Time back to two years ago, when Owen actually a whole season and the fight against injury, his left knee state has been bad, which also let him out of the Eastern Conference finals of some games John Lackey Jersey. Although the two initially in the 2015 finals when there will be a chances, but because Owen in the first war in the knee injury led to season reimbursement, the confrontation between them only one game, that war Owen had 23 points and 6 assists Kerry Wood Jersey, While Curry got 26 points and eight assists. It can be said that the Warriors are an ideal place for McKee, because here he can give full play to their ability to empty. Even Curry admits that they can easily find McKee on the court Alec Mills Jersey, but sometimes they seem too harsh on McKee's expectations. "We are almost in trouble because we try to do too much, even if the chance is not there because he can catch the ball anywhere around the basket." Curry said, "When he ran from the free throw line to the basket , As a passer, in this case, you will naturally pass the ball to him, and believe that he can complete the attack Pedro Strop Jersey. 2017 Finals war soon, as of now, NBA history (including the predecessor of BAA) on a total of 70 finals. So in the 70 finals, the best look at what time? American professional sports media ESPN and B / R were the best degree of the finals were ranked, and they are ranked first in the 2013 finals.

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